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Middle East of Buddhism Zenzo-san, you have except Innovation saw the shops of Chizuru's. Chizuru's According to Bunta-san seems to have been absent. Zenzo's has disappointed, but as there is that I want you to tell Bunta's. It is that why is the new president of Iran has been referred to as Rouhani [teacher]. The reason for this is because Muslim clerics. Iran is a nation that Islamic law scholars govern. Will everyone likely the country to the state religion of Islam? This is seems to be only Iran. It is rough example, but it is felt that the most prestigious Buddhist priest is great than the prime minister led the government in the Japanese Buddhist community. What will you do to the best leader? Do such as military supreme commander and key positions of the appointment and dismissal. Khamenei incumbent Prior to taking office a year, served as president. Election rights in the Middle East have the men and women of the more than year-old has been assessed that it democratic person. To candidacy for president just need to go through the examination of the making in the clergy and legal experts [Guardian Council].

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