Middle East of Buddhism

Middle East of Buddhism - Buddhist summary of the Middle East

Middle East of Buddhism table of contents Overview Saudi Arabia of Buddhism Buddhist believers number of countries footnote External link Overview Of Buddhism, which is faith in the Middle East, Theravada Buddhism is a religion which is widely faith among foreign workers who came from Thailand and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, although Mahayana Buddhism is the faith among foreign workers who came from East Asia and Vietnam, in addition to Taoism and Confucianism of Buddhism, religious, such as Shinto has been faith. In the United Arab Emirates of Dubai [] and Qatar [], you have permission to celebrate the Vesak for foreign workers from Sri Lanka despite being a Muslim nation are down. Saudi Arabia of Buddhism According to the State Department the United States has been published [International Religious Freedom Report 00], 00 million people more than foreigners, including Muslims non-Muslims have been living labor to Saudi Arabia. 00,000 people in addition to the Sri Lankans, East Asia and Southeast Asia (Chinese, Vietnamese, there are many Thai) foreign workers of thousands of born is a Buddhist believer.

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