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tell me! Teacher Muslims polytheism, such as Japan's Shinto ...

Middle East of Buddhism And the monotheistic religions, such as Islam and Christianity, Judaism, polytheism, such as Japan's Shinto. Will possible that mutual understanding each other. Teacher to be active as a Middle East expert of the rare women in Japan, we describe a study in the USA experience of your own to the original. Prior to Muhammad is the Islam of the founder to start a missionary, the main religion of the Middle East is said to have a polytheistic. Therefore, even in the Kaaba is the current Islamic holy places, once seems to have been enshrined St. images of gods of polytheism are many. But, in Islam idolatry is the abomination, worship, which is the day round of [God is great. You can start with the words that it is not God] to other than Allah. By missionary of the Islam, the Holy image of the gods of these polytheism it is said to have been destroyed. In, polytheism is such a Muslim, but is Shinto and question of the like can understand Buddhism, probably to the general Muslim I think that can not be understood.

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