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The lead learn know Islam

Middle East of Buddhism 0 years month, the Islamic countries since announced that it is binding on the person Japanese, was rapidly growing interest in Japan of Islam. Its interest is not necessarily positive, but was meant, including the negative impression, such as distrust, it seems to have led to awareness of self that do not know Islam itself. What is the teaching of Islam, they protect the precepts for what, wonder of true that not willing even fight as long as for the defense. Amid there are a variety of questions, 0 in the years held in the Ayusu spring training camp, held on the theme of Islam. Yamamoto, who are learning Islamic philosophy at Kyoto University PhD, of the era of the Prophet was alive Islam, will be asked to lecture an easy-to-understand how the transition from died, why extremists such as the Islamic State I was inspired to understand what the group has been born. This time, to deliver an excerpt of Mr. Yamamoto of lectures. x What is Islam In Islam, to follow the message of the only absolute God (Allah) is the fundamental way.

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