Middle East of Buddhism

And spiritual background of the Middle East Revolution

Middle East of Buddhism Now, we ask about the incident is happening all over the world. At present Egypt and Libya, many people old courage, we are trying to fight for freedom and correct politics. Will These background there is a kind of spiritual truth. In addition, this movement seems to have begun to spread to many other countries, as long as the background to than have any intention of the main El Kantare (Note), please tell us. In addition, in order to convey the Lord's teachings to more people, what to do understand this situation, please tell us. (Note) El Kantare means the country Earth Uruwashiki light], the name of the supreme god of the earth. Buddhism, Christianity, is the creator of such as Islam, current, part of the body consciousness is out on the ground as A religious president. Answer One of the raison d'etre of A religion can lead to freedom in the Islamic society I understand. It is my will (It's my will.). It started from my will. I am, you are responsible for all the world. I already have found many problems in this world way of life.

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